Trademark Protection and Domain Recovery for an Electrical Equipment Distribution Company
A large electrical equipment distribution company, eager to strengthen its presence on the Web3, encountered a major problem: its desired domain name had already been acquired by a cybersquatter. In addition, several other similar and brand-relevant areas were also squatted. The company therefore decided to use EID's services. Domains to address this situation and ensure the protection of its brand in the future.
eID domains started by assessing risk and identifying all brand-related Web3 domains that were squatted. Our team then launched a series of actions to recover these domains, starting by sending formal notices to squatters via NFT Contact.
Simultaneously, we created a wallet for the distribution company and provided training on using Web3 domains to their team. Once we managed to recover the squatted domain, we safely transferred it to the company's wallet.
To ensure ongoing brand protection, we have implemented ongoing monitoring of squatted Web3 domains and have annually registered all available Brand-relevant Web3 domains.
Thanks to our intervention, the company not only recovered its desired domain, but also secured all other domains relevant to its brand. In addition, by using our services, the company made a considerable saving: it spent only 2% of the initial budget it would have had to pay if it had bought the domain directly from the cybersquatter.

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