Your domain name for metaverse purchased simply in euros or in the currency of your choice and with an invoice.


  • Availability search
  • Simplified purchase in fiat currency
  • Invoicing for your accounting
  • Cybersquatting prevention
  • Wallet creation


  • Secondary market purchase
  • Simplified domain management platform
  • Domain name snapbacks
  • Domain name parking
  • Custom support
  • checkSimplified payment directly in euros or in the currency of your choice
  • checkAutomatic creation of a wallet associated with your domains
  • checkIdentification of appropriate domain names thanks to our advanced search tool to prevent cyber squatting and phishing
  • checkImmediate purchase of available domains
  • checkInvoicing for your accounting
  • checkNegotiation and purchase of your cybersquatted domains

Study: Cybersquatting the metaverse

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